What Is Dragoncrest?

Dragon Crest is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) that is played in 3 chapters across the country. One in Texas, one is Boston, and ours in Arkansas. Each chapter has individual story lines that connect together to create a unique and colorful fantasy world in which we set our game in.

The game play is similar to other role play games of different types such as D&D, Vampire, or World of Warcraft with one big exception. Rather than typing a keystroke or rolling dice you actually go out and attempt to do it. Want to stop the evil warlord? There is his lair. Give it your best shot!

The easiest way to describe a live action role play game is to compare them to a play in which the actors simply have the stage and what part they are playing but no script. They simply behave as the part they play would and a story is created from the interaction between those actors and the set.
How is the game played?

First a character has to be made. It starts with a concept. You think of a hero that you would like to be like. Then we use our rules to create this character for you. After that it is up to the player to take that character and turn it into something real.

Once you have your character and costume ready for it then it’s time to play. Depending on the type of event you show up when it is started and check in. You then take your skills and knowledge to solve the problem at hand. Such as the before mentioned warlord or perhaps a damsel in distress. This world you interact with is created by the plot committee. They are the ones who create the world in which the characters interact with. Whether it is the farmer coming into town to ask for assistance from bandits attacking his farm or mountain lion in the woods attempting to have the players for dinner. All of this is prepared for the players to encounter and hopefully overcome and earn the right to be called a hero

The combat system in Dragon Crest is mock combat with padded melee weapons. Ranged weapons and magic are represented by packets of cloth filled with bird seed that are thrown at your opponent. In either case you have to actuall hit them to have an effect.
Does anyone actually get hurt?

The answer is no….well usually no. During normal game play the rules are set up in such a way as to be very safe. There are rules against certain forms of fighting that are unavoidably dangerous and all weapons are checked to ensure they meet our standards. We play this game to have fun. It is never fun when someone gets hurt. As with any contact sport there is a small risk of injury. Sprained ankles from running on uneven ground or attempting sudden turns are the most common injury though there have been very few cases that needed medical attention (in fact only one ever in our chapter).
Who plays this game?

As far as age goes the minimum age is 16 with consideration down to 13 on a case by case basis on up past 50.

Beyond that there is a variety of people who play. College students, pilots, computer technicians, police officers, military personnel, store associates, fire fighters, stay at home parents, secretaries, entire families, etc. There are many more but way too many to list.

For adults the main reason to play is simply to have fun and relieve some stress while getting some exercise away from TVs, computers, or phones. For the younger players it can mean something more. Our game is considered a “Good Guy Campaign” meaning that we promote honor, integrity, and doing what is right. In addition to this some gain maturity that is usually associated with sports. They learn to be a team player, to use their minds to solve complex problems, and gain confidence from overcoming obstacles.
In Game

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